Eric Hathol
Master Spearman of Elrica

Eric Hathol

Second to none in the art of the spear,
He knows all tactics.
He knows all formations.
With great strength,
He slays his foes.

All of these he has defeated.

A tactition is he,
The best of all,
For he is Eric Hathol.

All hail Hathol,
Best tactition of all.

From the annals of Lord Ulceran, son of Lord Elric, 
ruler of the Ulceran Glade and leader of the LTD Elven Immortals.

Below is Warhammer statistics for the character of Eric Hathol. If you have never heard of Warhammer, it is a game produced by Games Workshop which also makes Citadel miniatures.

Eric Hathol. . . . .175 points
Name M WS BS S T W I A LD Save
Hathol 5 5 4 4 3 1 8 2 8 -
Armour +1 +1 3+
Spear +1 +1 +1

        His armour acts as a 3+ unmodified save from missile attacks, and a 3+ save from hand to hand that can be modified. It also adds to his toughness and the amount of wounds he can take.
        He carries the Dancing Spear with adds to his quickness, strength, and skill.
        Hathol can also choose to throw his weapon if he is not in combat. The weapon goes 12 inches, and if he throws it he does not lose it because the magical spear returns to its owner.
        Becaus he is such a great tactition, he can turn around, wheel, and do any of those other movement strategies in Warhammer without penalties.

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