Luthen Peng
The Elven Halberdman

Luthen Peng

The only elven halberdman,
Yet skilled at his craft is he.
He is both strong and quick.
With one hit,
He impales his foes.

All of these he has defeated.

A strong man is he,
The strongest of elfkind,
For he is Luthen Peng.

All hail Luthen,
Strongest of elfkind.

From the annals of Lord Ulceran, son of Lord Elric, 
ruler of the Ulceran Glade and leader of the LTD Elven Immortals.

Below is Warhammer statistics for the character of Luthen Peng. If you have never heard of Warhammer, it is a game produced by Games Workshop which also makes Citadel miniatures.

Luthen Peng. . . . .200 points
Name M WS BS S T W I A LD Save
Luthen 5 4 3 7 3 1 7 2 7 -
Cloak +1 +1 3+

        His cloak acts as a 3+ unmodified save from missile attacks, and a 3+ save from hand to hand that can be modified. It also adds to his toughness and the amount of wounds he can take.
        Since he is so strong an elf, if the enemy does not die when it takes a hit, he rolls a D6. That is the number of inches that the enemy is thrown straight backwards. Anyone who is hit by the flying enemy takes a hit with the strength of the enemy that knocked into him.

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