Welcome to the Elven Glade

Elven Arrows

Elven arrows fly strong.
With the speed of a diving falcon,
And yet the burn of hot fire.
Instantly notched.

Like wizard's magic bolts,
They find their prey.
With the magic of the Eldar,
The missiles hunt foes down.
Instantly aim.

Hitting the target with power.
Slicing through all armour.
Striking mortal blows.
Instantly wound.

Foes can try and flee,
But to no avail.
For as they turn their back,
Arrows dig into their flesh.
Instantly kill.

Enemies fall.
Barbarians perish.
Vile creatures die.
Undead crumble.
All in an Instant.

From the annals of Lord Ulceran, son of Lord Elric, ruler of the Ulceran Glade and leader of the LTD Elven Immortals.

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